SINYMA's ONE's and TWO's - LIBRE DOWNLOAD 12.22.12

YUP. The end of the old world as you know it has come. In this era, you can download music for free AND buy more if you want to. In this group, the frontman and woman are also support crew and the DJ is both band and performer. In this site, you have your hands on the latest SINYMA sound in 6 tracks. In this way, you make the Filipino proud. Our OPM/Electronic mestizomix spreads like wildfire as you share as much good music in as little time possible.

Maligayang Pasko mula kay Silverfilter, Madz Abubakar at I-Dren Artstrong. A Huge Happy Christmas to everyone tuning into MLA from across the globe - Merci/Obrigado/감사합니다/Thank you/Maraming Salamat. 


We're excited to share our music with you for FREE. We hope you'd be excited to share it with others as well in return for the download link :)




Four was the magic number and SINYMA made it happen with a stellar lineup of artistry from all over.

Singer-songwriter Jess Connelly takes on mic one, bringing her brand of singing to an entirely different spectrum from her own and rounds out the SINYMA sound with her flavor.

I-dren Artstrong takes on mic two, throwing everyone off with his reggae-soul mix of vocals and keys, bringing an entirely different angle to the sound.

Indie Dance and Nu Disco DJ and producer Abdel Aziz brings his production sound and style, while handling the tunes on stage.

Multi-instrumentalist and Electronic Music Producer Silverfilter handles the live element on stage and wears the production hat in the studio.

With a blend of Electronic-dance-funk-n-soul it is sure to be a sonic journey as SINYMA lives up to the name bringing images of those good times you've had when you take on the SINYMA experience.

Come check us out live. Bring your dancing shoes.