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Cinema Room Design:

With the rise in innovation and technology, cinema room design needs to have the best design and technology embedded in the codes of the practice which helps in the creation and design as we have guaranteed a certain amount of predictability in the performance of the system.

We take care of acoustics, cable management, screen systems, projects, LED lighting, curtain systems, and even the carpets which are required to turn your space into the home cinema to watch your favorite movies.

Home Cinema Seating:

With the main focus on the audio, visual and d├ęcor elements it is quite understandable that private home cinema buyers need one of the essential elements to view their experience which is home cinema seating. One of the main importances of having private home cinema is chairs, sofas, and the best seating options which include options for home seating, number of seats, and placements and will guide you through the process of designing an exceptional home theatre.


Lighting plays a major role of importance for movie theatres. We ensure you provide the best lighting effects for your home cinema with the best resolution for your eyes. When too much light trickling can be distracting, too much light can obscure the on-screen resolution.

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