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Home cinema design: Holistic Process where design decision impacts decision in virtual:

In the modern world of today, technology and innovation are increasing day by Sinyma provides best rooms with the best application of intelligence by following all the standards and codes of practice in the creation of a design that provides you with the best results in the performance of the system. There are different other factors that need to be kept in mind while designing high-performance Home Cinema like Room Shape, Room Size, Room Surface, System Orientation, Window, Ambient Noise, and Construction.

Our home theatre is designed in such a manner that provides your true cinematic view experience and sound reproduction within your media room. You would be able to get the best immersive audio experience while playing any game, music, or movie. Our design is embedded in such a manner with the correct engineering principles which deliver the correct measurable audio performance.

Accurate Sound Reproduction:

With the best services provided we provide on providing amazing sound stage with no coloration. No perceptible distortion, no bias to another side. The audio is not distorted when played in a loud manner. With consistent performance, the prime location will receive the best performance. The system supports the full frequency range all across the seats and low-frequency performance should not sound distorted.

Video Reproduction:

Another best feature is the dynamic range in the context of the video. The system is created in such a dynamic range where the ratio between the maximum and minimum measurable light intensities is created. Colorimetry is the process where the color and color prediction of the perceptual matches are based on physical measurements. We provide the best resolution of videos so that it does not impact your eyes.

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